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Amendments to the Road Traffic Act Regulations and Maritime Regulations have placed a huge burden on the Road Transport Sector, because Transporters must now ensure that they are not overloaded, both in terms of total weight and axle weights, and if they are carrying containers to the ports, that the correct mass of these containers has also been accurately determined.

The International Maritime Organisation’s SOLAS regulations requiring that the weight of containers to be exported by sea must be determined on a certified scale and this weight must be included on a SOLAS compliant weighing document for presentation prior to or on entering the port of export.

Sasco Pay & Weigh is rolling out its highly accurate public weighing infrastructure, which will enable the Road Transport Sector to meet Total Weight, Axle Weight and SOLAS compliance obligations on a “pay and weigh basis”, providing Transporters with both paper form weighing tickets and real time electronic proof of compliance on the most accurate weighing equipment available in the world today.